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 Room Esc combines wit, fun, and reality to make for an escape room experience meant to be remembered.


 Room Esc sets out to provide a premier real-life escape game experience for those in search of adventure and mystery.


 Whether a family night, birthday get-together, or night out with friends, Room Esc aims to be the highlight of everyone's day.


We believe in creating experiences that allow participants to live the story—engage in the action, thrills, and excitement of solving mysteries or completing puzzles and riddles.

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Featured Escape Rooms:

Till Death

Do Us Part

The grooms sudden death before the wedding has driven the bride insane. Her heart is broken and she will do anything to be reunited with her love. Has she gone too far? Can you help release her soul that is tied to this tragic day?


The Curse of Boar Tavern

Boar Tavern is a rough and tumble meeting spot for the roughest of scoundrels. It used to be busiest spot in the Svartr Forest, but has been cursed by an unknown force! All patrons who enter now turn to ash when they drink of the mead and ale. Will you be able to heal the tavern of this dark magic and escape with your lives, or will the curse take you over and reduce you to the ashy fate of those before you?



"I can't wait to try the new rooms as they open! 10/10 would escape again."


Madison Crocker

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